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Rosie Thomas

21st June 2013
Time: 19:30

Rosie will be talking about her latest book The Kashmir Shawl and how her love of travel and adventure has inspired much of her writing. While researching The Kashmir Shawl she travelled the same routes as the ancient pashmina trade, crossing the Himalayas from Ladakh to the Vale of Srinagar in Kashmir.

She is one of only a few authors to have won twice the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists' Association, in 1985 with Sunrise, and in 2007 with Iris and Ruby.

Rosie Thomas is the author of a number of celebrated novels, including the bestsellers  Sun at Midnight, Iris and Ruby and Constance. Once she was established as a writer and her children had grown up, she discovered a love of travelling and mountaineering. She has climbed in the Alps and the Himalayas, competed in the Peking to Paris car rally, spent time on a tiny Bulgarian research station in Antarctica and travelled the silk road through Asia.

The Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas
Winner of the RNA Epic Romantic Novel Award 2012.

Characters and settings are beautifully portrayed in this dramatic romance that first follows newlywed Nerys from Wales to a new and excitingly different life in 1940s Kashmir, and then her Granddaughter who embarks upon the same journey to uncover some life-changing truths.

'A spellbinding tale. Beautifully written, honest and compassionate... a delight from start to finish' Daily Express.

'Thomas' portrayal of a young wife struggling to cope with life in wartime Kashmir, her husband's indifference to her and her attraction to a charismatic mountaineer is beautifully written, touching and believable’ The Daily Express

Profits from this event will go to the charity HEAL
HEAL - a UK registered charity formed in 1992 - which is committed to providing shelter, support, education and healthcare for well over 1,000 children in India.

HEAL currently has a number of projects including the Heal Children's Village in Guntur, the Paradise Village, currently under construction in Thotapally, and the Poverty Trap scheme. Through these projects HEAL is working hard to provide homes, food, education and medical care for over 1,000 orphaned and underprivileged children in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Heal is committed to expanding over the coming years with further projects, with the aim of helping up to 10,000 children escape the poverty trap by 2020. The aim is to provide Health and Education for All.

For more information go to http://www.heal.co.uk