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Kid Lit programme - Tom Nicoll

6th March 2018
Venue: The Great Hall, Oundle
Time: 10.00am

Recommended for Year 2

There’s a Dragon in my Dinner! This is the first book in a hilarious series starring eight year old Eric Crisp and Pan the Mini-Dragon. Aimed at readers aged six and over, this is a perfectly pitched young fiction series. Which is full of laugh out loud moments and packed with lively black and white illustrations by London based illustrator Sarah Horne.

As Eric empties the cartons from Friday night's Chinese takeaway, he catches a flash of green and spots a puff of smoke...So Pan - a Mini Dragon - enters his life, and proceeds to turn it upside down. How is Eric going to explain the trail of devastation caused by one creature not much bigger than a spring roll? So starts this series which just keeps getting better and better.

In this event Tom will talk about his career and his books and there will be lots of interaction with the audience asking them to guess the titles of "rejected" There's a Dragon... books from images he shows and then asking the pupils to suggest their own ideas. There will also be a game and a time for questions at the end.


There’s a Dragon in my Dinner!; There’s a Dragon in my Backpack!; There’s a Dragon in my Pants!; There’s a Dragon in my Toilet!; There’s a Dragon in my Popcorn!; There’s a Dragon in my Stocking!