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Kid Lit programme - Theatre Fideri Fidera

9th March 2018
Venue: The Great Hall, Oundle
Time: 10.30am & 1.30pm

Recommended for Reception and Year 1

Many children's plays are adaptations of books or fairy tales, but with Oskar’s Amazing Adventure this company sets out to do something different and create an original picture book and a play side by side. They believe this process has not only made the play special but also the book – in the words of Colin Granger’s Macmillan editor, Dulcie Fry – “a dramatic read, a story full of action and excitement”.

Oskar, the fun-loving Swiss puppy, lives with Grandma and her animals in the little house on top of the mountain. They have been snowbound for weeks and Oskar, desperate for a game, goes out alone in the snow to find a friendly animal to play with. However the animals Oskar meets are not as friendly as he hoped. He only manages to avoid the attentions of a hungry fox by falling down a deep hole in the ground and landing on top of a young hibernating marmot. Marmot forgives Oskar for waking her up and using her amazing digging and whistling skills helps the little dog escape the fox and reunites him with his family.

This event will include a performance of Oskar’s Amazing Adventure and the opportunity to take part in games and creative activities inspired by the story. The play encourages children to concentrate and focus by involving them in the action, for example, they are asked to join in with the movements the performer makes in the songs, and guess elements of the storyline for themselves.

The setting of the play is a farm high up in the Alps and this not only gives the children experience of life in another country, but also a taste of the languages that are spoken there: the play is performed in English, but a few words of Swiss German and French are included in the dialogue and be will understood through context. They will also learn about the various animals that live in the mountains, hibernation, and the passing of the seasons.

'Combining brilliant storytelling, beautiful handmade stuffed animals and plenty of songs and actions for us all to join in with, this is a charming and thoughtful piece of theatre for younger children. Furry friends, foxes and fun for all the family, this delightful show is a real treat for everyone' Edinburghfestivalforkids (About Oskar’s Amazing Adventure)
Don’t miss this opportunity to see this amazing production!


Oskar’s Amazing Adventure