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Kid Lit programme - Swapna Haddow and Sheena Dempsey

8th March 2017
Venue: The Great Hall, Oundle
Time: 10.30am

Recommended for Years 2 and 3

Swapna Haddow was the winner of the Greenhouse Funny prize 2014. She is the author of the Dave Pigeon books which chart the adventures and mishaps of Dave Pigeon and his sidekick Skipper and contain brilliant laugh-out-loud black and white illustrations on every page by the superbly talented Sheena Dempsey.

In the second book Dave Pigeon (Nuggets), when their Human Lady leaves to go on a holiday Dave and Skipper are horrified to find that their food supply quickly runs dry. With delicious biscuits on their minds, they set off in search of a new owner - but is Reginald Grimster all he seems? Why is he so keen on feeding them? And why does he have so many books about cooking...? 

Join Swapna and Sheena for a fun-filled interactive event.

Dave Pigeon has been shortlisted for the Surrey Libraries’ Children’s Book Award 2017 and the BookTrust has selected Dave Pigeon to be part of their Great Books Guide 2016.



Dave Pigeon; Dave Pigeon (Nuggets), due out in Feb 2017