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Kid Lit programme - Smriti Prasadam-Halls

15th March 2016
Venue: The Great Hall, Oundle
Time: 1.30pm

Recommended for Reception and Year 1

Smriti lived in Hong Kong after university teaching History and English Literature at an International School. She returned to the UK to work for the BBC and began a career in children's publishing and television as a writer and commissioning editor. She went to work with Bob the Builder, rode the train with Driver Dan, frequently had tea with a Gruffalo and worked with some of the finest authors and illustrators on the planet. Then in 2012 she began to write her own books and has never looked back.

For her event in Oundle Smriti will focus on T-Veg and Don’t Call Me Sweet. This will be a monsters and dinosaurs romp of a session - with an underlying theme of celebrating difference and being happy in your own skin. She will speak about herself and her books and talk a little about where she get ideas from. Then she will present both of the books and read them. This will involve some audience participation - lots of actions, questions and calling out - but also a game requiring volunteers to come to the front and guess the mystery fruit and veg just by feeling its shape. There will also be a drawing activity during the session.

Don’t Call Me Sweet has made it into the BookTrust Best Book Guide 2015. "With a lively rhyming text, this is a lovely book for reading aloud... Great fun for small monsters who wish they were bigger!" Come along and join in the fun and find out that it is ok to be different.


T-Veg; Don’t Call me Sweet; I Love You Night and Day; Ready, Steady, Dig; Norman the Naughty Knight; My Alien and Me

For individual and school bookings please contact Helen Shair at kidlithillfield@live.com