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Kid Lit programme - Sarah McIntyre & Philip Reeve

17th March 2016
Venue: The Great Hall, Oundle
Time: 10.30am & 1:30pm

Recommended for Years 3 and 4

Two stars of the children’s book world Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre, who lead the way in creating novels for the 7+ age-group where text and illustration blend seamlessly with equal importance, have collaborated on their third book together Pugs of the Frozen North, the hilarious follow up to Oliver and the Seawigs and Cakes in Space!

In Pugs of the Frozen North, Shen the cabin boy is abandoned by his shipmates when their ship is stranded in the ice. He’s completely alone, except for 64 little pugs, part of the ship’s cargo! He soon teams up with Shika, a girl desperately seeking dogs to pull her grandpa’s sled in the Race to the Top of the World, a once in a lifetime contest to win your heart’s desire. The path to victory is littered with snow trolls, sea monsters, and a gang of particularly hungry yetis. Will Shen and Shika succeed? Let the race begin!

Philip entered the wonderful world of the freelance illustrator in the early 1990s. He provided the pictures for several Horrible Histories, lots of Murderous Maths and sundry other hilarious and improving books. He turned to writing novels, the first of which, Mortal Engines, was published in 2001. It won the Smarties Gold Award, the Blue Peter Book of the Year Award and the Blue Peter ‘Book I Couldn't Put Down’ Award. Many other award winning books have since followed.

Sarah is an author and illustrator who has written her own books and collaborated with other authors to produce picture books and comics. Her comic Vern and Lettuce appeared weekly in The Guardian and in the DFC (now The Phoenix Comic). Her picture book with Giles Andreae, Morris the Mankiest Monster sold out in its first month and has won both the Sheffield and Bishop’s Stortford Children’s Book Awards.

‘Reeve and McIntyre have been responsible for some of the finest young fiction of recent years’ Fiona Noble, The Bookseller


Pugs of the Frozen North; Cakes in Space; Oliver and the Seawigs
Philip’s book: Goblins
Sarah’s Book: Vern and Lettuce

For individual and school bookings please contact Helen Shair at kidlithillfield@live.com