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Kid Lit Programme - Ruth Eastham

2nd March 2020
Venue: Great Hall, Oundle, PE8 4GH
Time: 10.00am

(Recommended for Year 6)

Where do writers find their ideas? Ruth reveals the true-life dramas and mysteries that have inspired her stories. Bodies mummified in glaciers. Gold-seeking adventurers who vanished without a trace. Dramatic wartime rescues, and codebreakers on top secret missions. The tomb of a warrior queen lost for two millennia.

Born and brought up in northwest England, Ruth studied first at York and then Cambridge University. She has worked in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Italy, teaching English and creative writing to children and adults of all ages. She lives in a cliff top village near Trieste, with her two daughters.

Ruth’s debut novel, The Memory Cage, received wide critical acclaim. It was shortlisted for the Waterstones Award and nominated for the Carnegie Medal, the UKLA Book Awards and at least seven regional prizes.
Her second book, The Messenger Bird, is a gripping tale of modern-day treachery set in Bletchley Park. More recently, she has published Arrowhead, a thrilling story set in Norway, and The Jaguar Trials, a South American adventure. Her latest book, The Warrior In The Mist, is about a boy trying to save his home from a fracking company.

This wonderful author will excite and inspire your pupils with her amazing books.


The Memory Cage; The Messenger Bird; Arrowhead; The Jaguar Trials; The Warrior in the Mist.