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Kid Lit programme - Pip Jones

11th March 2015
Venue: The Great Hall, Oundle School
Time: 1:30pm

Recommended for Reception and Year 1

Pip Jones lives in East London with her partner, her two daughters and a real invisible cat (it doesn’t catch mice, but it doesn’t need a litter tray either, so there are pros and cons). She writes a lot. She even owns a writing cloak! And she spends days on end working out how to get good rhymes, such as ‘snuffle’ and ‘kerfuffle’, into stories.

Pip won the inaugural Greenhouse Funny Prize in 2012 with Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat! Her first book.

Ava is a little girl with a BIG imagination and she’s never happier than when she’s playing with her invisible cat, Squishy McFluff. She loves him soooo much – although sometimes his clever ideas for games do get them both into a spot of trouble. From unravelling jumpers to filling boots with newts, from unlucky spills to jungles in the bathroom, Ava and Squishy are inseparable. But Squishy does not impress everyone and his behaviour is getting worse. Will he learn to behave before he has to leave for good?  The jaunty rhyming text is perfect for reading aloud, and Ella Okstad's gorgeously cuddly illustrations will help little ones read by themselves for the first time.  Bright new talent Pip Jones gives a hilarious, quirky twist to everyday experiences for readers aged 5+.

Pip appeared this August at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and now she’s coming to Oundle. Come along and hear about Ava and Squishy McFluff’s adventures.



Squishy McFluff the Invisible Cat; Squishy McFluff and the Supermarket Sweep

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