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Kid Lit programme - Holly Webb

14th March 2016
Venue: The Great Hall, Oundle
Time: 10.30am

Recommended for Years 1 and 2

Holly read Classics at Cambridge and was working as a children’s book editor when she began writing for children. She is particularly well known for her animal stories, like Lost in the Snow and the Magic Molly and the Animal Magic series.
Holly has written 100 books with new ones being published all the time.
Now she lives in Reading with her husband, three sons and one cat.

Holly’s event will concentrate on the series of books shown in the bookshelf, each based on an important moment in childhood. There will be readings, PowerPoint images and an activity during the event.

For example, Looking for Bear by Holly is a beautiful story about imagination. Ben and Cassie have just moved into a new home, but it's not quite what they expected as they have to share a room until the builders have finished doing it up. Dad is very busy too. There's a lot more on his plate now Mum doesn't live with them. Ben and Cassie have to make their own fun. Are the builders really pirates, just working on the house while they wait for the tides to change? Is there really a bear living in the garden? Maybe they could catch him...


A Cat Called Penguin; The Chocolate Dog; Looking for Bear; A Tiger Tale and The Truffle Mouse.

For individual and school bookings please contact Helen Shair at kidlithillfield@live.com