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Kid Lit Programme - Guy Bass

6th March 2020
Venue: Great Hall, Oundle, PE8 4GH
Time: 1.30pm

(Recommended for Year 5)

Guy is an award-winning author, whose children's books series include Stitch Head, Spynosaur The Legend of Frog, Dinkin Dings and Atomic! In 2010 Dinkin Dings and the Frightening Things won the Blue Peter Award for the most fun book with pictures.

Guy has also written plays for both adults and children. He has previously been a theatre producer, illustrator, temp, gerbil whisperer and has acted his way out of several paper bags. Guy's work has been translated into more than ten languages.

Guy’s event will be an active and interactive and active hour of stand-up, reading, pictures and props. His high-octane performance explores his childhood aspirations and inspirations and features animated readings from his books, including his latest series, Skeleton Keys and Laura Norder.

In The Unimaginary Friend Ben can’t believe it when his imaginary friend the Gorblimey becomes unimaginary. The Gorblimey is loyal and kind … and real! But Skeleton Keys is far from convinced by the Gorblimey’s friendly ways. He’s got the twitch, which is (almost) never wrong, and it’s telling him the Gorblimey is dangerous and needs banishing to the endless void of Oblivion.

As Ben battles to save his new friend, the Gorblimey is soon the least of Skeleton Keys’ worries. It seems that there’s more than one unimaginary in town. And this one is out for revenge…



Skeleton Keys: The Unimaginary Friend; Laura Norder, Sheriff of Butts Canyon; Stitch Head; Stitch Head: The Pirate’s Eye; Spynosaur; Spynosaur: No More Mr Nice Guy