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Christopher Lloyd - Kid Lit - Years 5 and 6 *

12th March 2013
Time: 13:30

Christopher Lloyd read history at Cambridge, getting a double first, before becoming technology correspondent for The Sunday Times. Since leaving journalism he has run a number of internet and educational publishing businesses. He now divides his time between writing books, journalism, and lecturing mostly in schools, museums and literary festivals.

He will be talking about the History of the World - 14 billion years covering natural and human history. I have seen him at an event and can assure you that his talk will be fascinating and very informative for this age group.

Here is a review from Amazon about the wallbooks: If it looks really good on the outside - and it does - it gets better when you open it up. Half as big again as A4 you open it to find it's one long page, folded concertina-like between the covers. You therefore have the choice of dipping into it, sitting down to study it in fascination for hours, or opening it out to make a LONG wall poster and sticking it up on your wall. Which presumably is why they call it a wallbook? (They also come in a smaller size).

Bookshelf: What on Earth Happened? ; What on Earth Evolved? ; What on Earth Wallbooks – History, Nature and Sport.

Laxton Junior School, East Road, Oundle PE8 4BX