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Data Privacy Statement

Oundle Festival of Literature uses personal data for the purposes of putting on events, contacting authors, their agents and others. It collects names, email addresses and occasionally photos directly from individuals to promote the events through newsletters and other relevant means, to pursue the legitimate interests of the organisation.

Data may be retained indefinitely where required for the purposes of the organisation.

If you want further guidance on how your information will be used, or wish to make a request to see what information we hold on you, please refer to the Oundle Festival of Literature Data Protection Policy and Procedures available on the website. 

The only information we hold on newsletter recipients is an email address, and we hold that information only to inform them about future events.  By agreeing to receive information and newsletters from us you confirm that we may use any written or verbal information provided by you, and in accordance with our Policy and Procedure, that this information will be used appropriately and stored correctly.